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Comprehensive Home Inspections are no longer just for potential buyers and hopeful sellers. 8-Point Home Inspections are increasing  in importance these days because people are staying in their homes. There are many homes built before the year 2000 that could in  danger of some sort of failure within the next few years.  BE PREPARED! If you have some insight to your homes present state you can budget and prioritise repairs, keeping your home in it’s best possible condition.

The “8 – point or Comprehensive Home Inspection” is about 2 - 3 hours in length and includes:

Gas fired water heater improperly installed within plastic pan

Heavily corroded and damaged sink drain pipe

A/C unit installed with no drip pan and the overflow valve directed to inside of closet instead of piped to outside.

Broken roof tiles.

Deteriorating A/C flex duct

Wall movement and shifting caused by tree roots.

Filthy A/C coil.

Cracks in stucco and evidence of water intrusion.

Examples of  some pictures from an 8- Point Home Inspection

8 - Point Home Inspection